Kong Ovalone DNA


The OvaloneDNA is a helical twisted steel karabiner with triple action gate.  


RopeGeeks Verdict

A seriously useful bit of kit for rigging parallel devices or awkwardly angled anchors.  Fantastic for rigging for recovery allowing tandem devices to be used by a single operator.   At 40kN MBS major axis they are stronger than most.  Definitely worth having a couple in the gear bag. 


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Special “helical-shaped” connector with a twisted carbon steel body and circular bar, a must-have when an “offset” load is required.
It permits 90° rotation of any connected device (descenders, rope clamps, fall arresters, etc.), optimizing the operating alignment.
Auto Block (3 movements), conform to CE or ANSI standards.



Articolo Certification Material Colour Shape
414110ZYZKK CE EN 362/B Carbon steel Keylock Black/Bronze 40 / / 215 Oval 108 63 / / 19







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