Arizona Vortex Training
The Arizona Vortex is the most flexible Artificial High Directional (AHD) available anywhere in the world. 

As a modular tripod, bipod, or monopole, the Vortex enables industrial or wilderness access and rescue teams many options to best suit a multitude of scenarios.



Basic to Advanced

With a flexible approach we are able to tailor our training to meet the needs of your team.

Different teams, venues and industries will require differing rigging solutions.  We are able to equip our delegates with the underpinning knowledge to effectively select and install the best solution for the problems they will encounter.



Rock Exotica and Ropes that Rescue Certified

Our instructors are fully certified by the designers and manufacturers of the Arizona Vortex. 

Rock Exotica and Ropes that Rescue.

A Logic Based Approach

We give delegates the underpinning knowledge to safely operate complex rope recue and access systems by providing them with a reasoned and logic based approach to AHD construction. By delving into the physics and forces at work, we give rescue and rigging practitioners all the underlying knowledge needed to deliver the most efficient rigging solutions possible.



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