Advanced Rigging and Rescue Workshops

We host open enrolment workshops for groups or individuals looking to broaden their rope rigging skills.  Teaching student the concepts and logic which underpin complex rigging systems.  Combining theory and practical elements using the most modern equipment and techniques available.   


Lightweight Artificial High Directionals (AHD)

We use technically difficult scenarios to push students to use complex rigging and knotcraft.  Lightweight AHD's are used extensively to promote a logic and reasoned based approach to rescue rigging.  We construct artificial anchors and directionals using modern lightweight, low stretch cords.   Creating high strength, static, pre-tensioned and elevated rigging. 



Advanced Knotcraft for Modern Rigging

We firmly believe that for clean and efficient rigging, advanced knotcraft is essential.

"If knots are our paintbrushes, the Alpine and Eight are the wide brush and roller.  If clean rigging is ART, some finer brushes are required"

Efficient knotcraft, knowledge and selection, allows system construction to be swift and efficient.  Complex pre-tensioned and elevated rigging or directionals can be installed exactly where required, ensuring the operation can be completed safely and efficiently, with minimum effort and anchor forces.

Knots are tools in the riggers toolbox.

Practical Tuition

After covering detailed theory, we move into a series of practical demonstrations and scenarios.  Enabling students to get hands on with practical skills and techniques.




Detailed Theory.

To effectively teach advanced rigging we must delve into the Why.  We teach students the theory underpinning modern rigging.  Promoting delegates to question.  Why?... Not just how.  



Workshop Dates 2024

January 15th to 18th 2024 - 4 Day Advanced Rigging & Rescue Workshop - Wolverhampton, UK

Hosted by Heightworks -  Fully Booked!


March 11th to 14th 2024 - 4 Day Advanced Rigging & Rescue Workshop - Rotterdam, NL

Hosted by ResQ -  Get in touch for more info!


June 17th to 21st - 5 Day Advanced Vortex Rigging Workshop - Ghent, Belgium.

Hosted by Migale - Get in touch for more info!


July 8th to 12th 2024 - GeekWeek Symposium!

Rescue Rigging Symposium - Cornwall, UK

A week of testing, rigging and discussion.


More dates will be added periodically, we can also arrange bespoke training to suit individuals or team demands.  Call or email to book a class or see how we can help your team.