Industrial Rescue
Rope geeks specialise in the ART of clean and efficient rigging. We have the ability to provide top level training for emergency response teams utilising modern techniques and equipment to enable efficient and effective small team rescue for work at height and confined space.


Why... Not how
We believe that the underpinning logic behind all rope work should be understood firmly by rescue and rigging practitioners. By teaching a reasoned approach to anchor, high directional and system construction we can give industry professionals the skills they need to produce safe, efficient and effective rigging and rescue solutions.

CPD for Industry Professionals
Industry and volunteer sector specialists require frequent CPD and exercises too maintain existing knowledge and skills. We provide challenging rigging and rescue scenarios designed to push candidates to their limits. We firmly believe that training and exercises should be complex in nature. Enabling technicians to overcome difficult and challenging scenarios in training forms the basis for fast and efficient rigging.


Anchor Installation & Testing
Certified in all aspects of the installation and testing of structural anchors to EN795 A1.

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